Domino FE-Fume Extraction

Domino FE-Fume Extraction

Clears the air around your laser, maintains high laser code quality and protects health and environment

DPX500 / DPX1000 / DPX1500 / DPX2000

For many operators changing extraction filters is a mundane task which is easy to forget. Who has time to think about something that is not typically noticed on a weekly or monthly basis? Using the FE-Fume Extraction takes the guesswork out of filter maintenance. Its intelligent monitoring system based on visual icon signals on the display indicates the right time for filter exchange and hence saves costs.

 Key Benefits:

¨      Compliance with health and safety regulations

¨      Ensures a clean and safe operating environment

¨      Improved production efficiency and reduced downtime costs

¨      Ensures consistent code quality

¨      Easy to use and maintain