Flange Plain Bearing, Simplicity Die Set Flange Mounts, Flange Die Set Bushing, Simplicity Flange Mounts

Flange Mount Plain Bearings offer the same great advantages of the Simplicity Linear Plain Bearings, incorporating a perpendicular flange for easy mounting. Flange Mount Linear Plain Bearings come in single and double length and offer round or square flanges. The double length bearings allow for a flange to be located at the end or in the center of the bearing. Flange Mount Plain Bearings are available in Imperial (inch), ISO Metric and JIS Metric versions. Some additional benefits include: 


  • The ability to absorb hard particulates eliminates galling and shaft damage
  • Vibration is dampened, offering smooth and quiet linear motion
  • Shock loads are absorbed without damage to components
  • Reliable friction characteristics that do not increase over the life of the bearing
  • Close fit and wiping action cleans the shafting and eliminates the need for seals in 90% of applications
  • They will not catastrophically fail
  • Wide temperature range:  -240° C/ 204° C (-400° F/ 400° F)
  • Custom modifications available – contact an Application Engineer for details