Oldham Couplings

Oldham couplings are 3-part couplings consisting of 2 hubs + 1 torque disc. The hubs determine the method of installation and shaft attachment, the discs determine the quality of motion.

The 4 hub styles and 2 disc materials that comprise the range are fully interchangeable within each of the 9 sizes available. To take advantage of this flexibility, hubs and discs are specified and supplied separately.

The discs are the sacrificial elements and are replaceable at low cost in the event of wear or breakage.

Product Features

·         Material Options: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass

·         Speeds: Up to 3000 rpm 

·         Peak Torque Largest Size lbs.-in (Nm): 389 (44) 

·         Standard Bores in. (mm): 1/8" -1 (2 to 30) 

·         Temperature: -20° to +140°F , (-20° to +60°C)

·         Electrically Isolating: Yes

·         Connection: Clamp or Set Screw

·         Allow disc replacement without disturbing shaft alignment

·         Backlash-free up to 108 turns

·         Can tolerate large misalignments

·         Slight damping characteristics

·         Flex-free mechanical action - non-progressive bearing loads

·         Non-magnetic (with special screws)

·         Electrically isolating

·         Low inertia