Universal / Lateral Offset Couplings

The Universal/Lateral Offset Coupling combines the sliding mechanism of the Oldham and the pivotal action of the universal joint to combat angular and radial misalignment. A series of integral pins engage a pair of injection moulded annular rings with controlled preload to eliminate backlash. The Uni-Lat has a generous angular and radial misalignment capacity and is electrically isolating. Applications are usually general purpose, light duty stepper (half and full step) encoder, resolver and tachogenerator drives and light push/ pull duties.

Product Features

 ·       Speeds: Up to 3000 rpm 

·         Peak Torque Largest Size lbs.-in (Nm): 106(12) 

·         Standard Bores in. (mm): 1/8" -3/4" (3 to 22) 

·         Temperature: -20° to +140°F , (-20° to +60°C)

·         Electrically Isolating: Yes

·         Connection: Clamp or Set Screw

·         Backlash-free up to 108 turns

·         Can tolerate large misalignments

·         Slight damping characteristics

·         Flex-free mechanical action - non-progressive bearing loads

·         Non-magnetic (with special screws)

·         Electrically isolating

·         Low inertia