SPB (Inch) Single Roller Pillow Block

Roller Pillow Blocks are comprised of aluminum and coated steel rollers, with a recommended shaft of carbon steel. They have an ease of installation when compared to THK products, and are an excellent product solution for situations that require:

·         Long runs with butt joints in the shaft. Shock handling of the joint is better than ball bearings due to higher surface areas.

·         High speeds. Roller Pillow Blocks can travel 2.5x faster than ball bearing types, with a maximum speed of ~8m/s.

·     High loads. Higher load ratings mean Roller Pillow Blocks tolerate shock better. They can effectively use a smaller size roller pillow block saving money on shafting.

Well-suited for harsh environments including:

·         Dirty/Contaminated. Roller pillow blocks out-perform ball bearing, which are not suitable in dirty conditions

·         Higher temperatures. Standard rollers can handle maximum temperatures up to 250°F, and high temp rollers up to 392°F.

Product highlights include:

·         Loads up to 12,500 pounds

·         Self-aligning

·         Adjustable clearance

·         Corrosion resistant

·         High speeds

·         Standard mounting holes

·         Re-buildable

·         Interchangeability with industry standards